Cellular Nutrition

Every single mineral in the body has an effect on every other mineral in the body.. No mineral works alone.
— Dr Paul C. Eck

As living organisms, we are made up of approximately 50-70 trillion living intelligent cells which compose the human body at any one time and these cells are replaced each day (source). In addition to this, every second, 2.4 million red blood cells are produced in adult humans (source). Thus we generate over 250 million cells per minute, and approximately 300 billion new cells every day.

Cellular health is integral to human health. Cells make up tissues, and tissues make up organs. Organs and organ systems are what make us an organism. We are at the fundamental level, made up of cells. Healthy cell life produces what we call “vitality” – a healthy level of energy and resistance to stress. These cells are the most basic units of a human which make up our bones, blood, tissues, brain, tissues, organs, organ systems and thus the organism. Thus the health and nourishment of our cells is of utmost importance to our health and wellbeing.

The energy that we experience that allows us to perform the many activities in our life is created at the cellular level. In fact, the health of our clls reflects the health of the human. Without cells, there would be no biological functioning at all. The moment our cells are unable to maintain their capacity to produce optimal energy for the body, the result is a decline in health and the emergence of degenerative conditions.

Cellular nutrition is a revolutionary scientific concept which explains the primary cause of disease. Disease and its symptoms reside first at the cellular level. In this model, unhealthy cells lead to deficient metabolic activites which lead to unhealthy organs. Unhealthy organs lead to the inability to perform physiological activities, and this in turn leads to symptoms, which we name disease.

The concept of cellular nutrition explains that the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases, including various forms of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and others, is a chronic deficiency of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other specific nutrients at the cellular level. This means that most diseases that afflict humankind are genotrophic in nature, and that when the cell’s of the human are adequetely supplied with nutrients, the disease dissipates.

Cellular Nutrition defines an optimum daily intake of specific micronutrients as a basis for supporting and promoting optimal cellular physiology and structure. This also includes microbes, or probiotic commensal cells which make up upwards of half of our body’s cells.

There are more than 70 micronutrients that are essential for cellular functions. They include; 40 minerals, 16 vitamins and 21 essential amino acids. These essential nutrients have been chosen based on scientific criteria for the nourishment of the fundamental unit of the human organism — the cell. When the cell is undernourished, we are undernourished, and when the cell is not in a state of health, we simply cannot be either.


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