John Bumpus was born and raised near Toronto, Canada, and now resides in Australia, with his wife Erin.

He developed an interest in Health Science and fitness at the young age of 15, and took advantage of the information available on the internet to learn as much as he could before settling on a chosen career. His early influences were David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis and Dr Joel Wallach. David Wolfe’s emphasis on the importance of minerals for longevity, beauty and health started his interest. His passion grew while visiting Dr Wallachs seminars as a teenager and hearing first hand how people have improved their health with vitamins and minerals. It was here that John was introduced to the work of Dr Richard Olree and the science of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

John worked full-time for six years at a supermarket while actively completing his extensive range of certifications in the field of Holistic Health, which includes subjects such as Herbology, Nutrition, NLP, Emotional Detox and Yoga Sutra. He began distributing supplements with Youngevity and witnessed people improving their health by adding vitamins and minerals to their diets. This really encouraged John to dwelve deeper into the topic of not just minerals but vitamins too.

John studied under Dr Lawrence Wilson to learn the basics of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Science. Combined with his other certifications and continued education, John’s passion of minerals has formed the Integrative Mineral Balancing Program that he offers his clients today.

John has been active in the online health community since 2013, and regularly contributes his time and experience to several holistic and alternative health groups on social media. He is a moderator for the group “Mineral Balancing Friends” and hosts a free monthly live call from this group.

In his free time, he loves reading scientific articles, gardening and foraging for wild plants and medicinal mushrooms. He also volunteers his time to local bush-care groups, planting trees for Koala re-habitation and cleaning up local parks. John continues to complete his Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences at the Quantum University of Integrative Medicine and his goal is to obtain a doctorate and PhD in Natural and Integrative Medicine.

You can view his diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science and certificates in many different fields below.

John Bumpus hTMAP, CNC, CH